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We have two gardens co-located here at the GSU Perimeter College, Decatur Native Plant Botanical Garden: (1) the Native Plant Garden and (2) the Ferns of the World Garden. The mission of both gardens is to educate the public about US native plants and temperate ferns by providing a teaching environment.

The first major garden, the Native Plant Garden, demonstrates the use and culture of US native plants in Georgia gardens. Too often we select plants at local nurseries, which can require extra care because they are not adapted to our climate, or worse could be invasive.

There are several Native Plant Garden areas and we invite you to visit and enjoy each. These are listed in the order that they are laid out from the parking lot. We also have a few pictures of some of the gardens. You can access them by clicking the link below or by going to our Picture Garden Tours page. Since our Sun Beds and Granite Outcrop have been redesigned, we are in the process of collecting enough pictures to properly show them.

Sun berm: woody shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and small trees
Xeric ferns: sun ferns native to Georgia and the southwestern US
Southeastern bogs: pitcher plants, sundews and other carnivorous plants and their companions
Deciduous shrubs: azaleas, magnolias, viburnums, and more
Shade beds: spring ephemerals including trilliums, Virginia bluebells as well as shrubs
Sand Hill: endemics to Georgia sand hills
Woodland: under story trees and shrubs, as well as perennials
Native ferns: Georgia and other SE native ferns
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The second major garden here is our Ferns of the World Garden, which contains more species of ferns than any other garden in the US and perhaps the world. The fern collection includes ferns from not only the US but also temperate areas around the world. The shade fern beds contain the largest number of ferns, but we also have xeric fern beds for those sun-loving ferns. Fern Mountain will inspire rock gardeners who love ferns!

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Lastly, and most importantly we have our plant sale area, potting, outdoor plant holding areas and two greenhouses. These facilities provide the garden with many plants for the garden and for the public to purchase at the Decatur campus of the GSU Perimeter College.

Our goal is to have more species of ferns and American native plants than any other garden. We wish to offer our visitors a window to the many varieties of native species to enjoy throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy your stay at the garden and will come back often to enjoy the many plants and environments throughout the year.

GSU Perimeter College, Decatur Botanical Garden

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