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Click on the Common Name to view a picture of that fern. The first list contains only a few of the many native Georgia ferns many of which you can see at the Georgia Perimeter College Botanical Garden. George Sanko now has a new section of the garden called "Ferns of The World" which also include cultivars that are not native to the Southeastern area, but they will survive in the Atlanta area. The "Link" designation indicates there is a link to more details on the fern. We also now have three xeric fern gardens as we have added two more. These gardens feature both native and non-native to Georgia ferns. Many of the non-natives are from the Southwest. In fact, one of the gardens feature only ferns which grow in the Southwest. Imagine ferns which grow in almost desert like conditions and we can grow them in Atlanta.

All pictures are the property of the photographers - George Sanko and Linda Pirkle. They are the sole property of photographers and may not be used for any commercial purpose. Please feel free to use them in any other way.

Poplypodium auruem L. Goldfoot Fern
Adiantum pedatum Maidenhair Fern Link
Asplenium platyneuron Evergreen Ebony Spleenwort Link
Athyrium filix-femina Lady Fern Link
Blechnum serrulatum Swamp Fern Link
Botrychium virginianum
(Botrypus virginianus)
Rattlesnake Fern Link
Dryopteris celsa Log Fern Link
Dryopteris intermedia; Dryopteris
spinulosa var. intermedia
Intermediate Shield Fern Link
Dryoptreris ludoviciana
(Kunze) Small
Southern Wood Fern
Onoclea sensibilis Sensitive Fern Link
Osmunda cinnamomea Cinnamon Fern Link
Osmunda regalis Royal Fern/td> Link
Phegopteris hexagonoptera
(Thelypteris hexagonoptera)
Broad Beech Fern Link
Polystichum acrostichoides Evergreen Christmas Fern Link
Pteridium aquilinum Bracken Link
Thelypteris noveboracensis
(Parathelypteris noveboracensis)
New York Fern Link
Woodwardia areolata Netted Chain Fern Link

Some exciting cultivars located in the Ferns of The World


Japanese Painted Fern
Ghost Fern

If you would like to research more ferns, use the links below or use your favorite search engine.
Conneticut Botanical Society - Ferns
North Carolina State University - Hardy Ferns

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